Safely check/remove orphaned VMDK files from ESXi

Snapshot Manager

I have come across a number of environments where mystery “snapshot” files exist – they are not seen in snapshot manager, running a consolidation them doesn’t help, creating a snapshot (with memory, or guest OS quiescing) then running “Delete All” doesn’t resolve it, but some applications still think a snapshot is there. To take care […]

Deployment Options for vCenter Server Appliance 6.0

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 20.49.47

The new version of vSphere brings some major improvements to the vCenter management end of things, the main thing is that it is now a highly available solution (previously reserved for vCenter Server Heartbeat – a separate, now EOL, product VMware offered) that can run in two modes.

Deploying and Installing your first Juju Charm on Vagrant

Juju interface

I’ve been playing with cloud platforms quite a lot recently, and in particular Juju‘s way of operations caught my particular attention.

Utilising Kerberos/AD auth in Ubuntu 14.04.1 with realmd

SSSD Architechture

It has, over the years always been quite a quandary to get SSO auth working from *nix->MS AD without a huge amount of fiddling and tinkering, but there is a new auth framework in town by the name of realmd. While tinkering with The Foreman recently it had dawned on me it would be cool […]

Enabling PXE boot options on Fortigate DHCP

Fortigate DHCP options

I have been recently setting up The Foreman as a Puppet management front end to allow me to quickly provision Linux based VMs on my VMware cluster